Users can deposit their OLP tokens in Oolong's "Farm" section and receive OLO (Oolong token) as rewards/incentives for providing liquidity. Note that not all LP token pairs are eligible for farming rewards, please check OolongSwap's farming page for the most up-to-date LP farming token pair list.

How to farm OLO tokens on Oolong:

  1. Go to "farm" page and choose a pool that you'd like to farm and provide liquidity to that pool. Then deposit your OLP token in the farm.

2. Enter the amount of OLP token you'd like to deposit to the farm and click "approve" and hit "confirm" in the Metamask pop-up window to submit the transaction.

3. After we have your approval, go ahead and click "deposit" and then once again "confirm" the transaction in the Metamask pop-up window:

4. You are all set after the transaction is approved! Now you should be able to see your position in the LP farm you deposited in and your rewards accruing in real-time!

How to claim your farming rewards:

  1. Click "Claim Rewards"

2. You can see your unclaimed OLO rewards, click "claim" and then click "confirm" in your Metamask's pop up window

3. After your transaction is confirmed, you should be able to see your claimed OLO reward token in your wallet. If you can't view it in your wallet, click "import token" and paste the OLO token address: 0x5008F837883EA9a07271a1b5eB0658404F5a9610 and save.

How to withdraw your OLP token from the farm:

  1. Click "Withdraw"

2. Enter the desired withdraw amount and click "withdraw and claim" (when users withdraw OLP tokens from the farm, any unclaimed rewards token will also be automatically claimed)

3. And then hit "confirm" in your Metamask pop-up window. And that's it! You should now be able to see the OLP token back in your wallet along with the OLO reward tokens!

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