Best trading rates and lowest slippage

Users can use OolongSwap to trade one ERC-20 token for another.

How to trade tokens on Oolong:

  1. Connect your wallet

2. Click "Swap"

3. Select the desired token pairs that you'd like to trade and enter the trading amount and click "swap"

5. You will need to approve OolongSwap to swap your tokens on your behalf by clicking "approve ETH" (or whichever token you are swapping). A window will pop up in the wallet connected, asking you for approval to swap your token, click "confirm" (not applicable if you have previously given approval of swapping this token to OolongSwap).

After we have your approval, click "swap" again and go ahead and click "confirm swap"

6. Then once again, confirm the transaction in your wallet's pop up window

7. That's it! now just sit back sip on your oolong while your transaction is being processed! You can also check your transaction status using your transaction hash on Boba Network's explorer: https://blockexplorer.boba.network

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