Getting Started on OLO:

OLO is a governance token for OolongSwap. The token distribution follows a fixed supply, decaying emission model.

Token symbol: OLO

Token Supply: 10 billion

Type: ERC-20


All OLO tokens will be emitted according to the following distribution. Team, treasury, and investor allocations are emitted at the same schedule as public distribution to miners.

  • 40% Liquidity bootstrapping:

    • Oolong bootstrapped liquidity through LP farming, with 100% of liquidity bootstrapping emission going to the farm.

    • As Oolong move towards bonded based liquidity incentive from farm based liquidity incentives, more rewards will shift away from farming emission to bonding emission.

    • Currently the ratio is:

      • 35% Farm

      • 65% Bond Reserve

  • 34% Treasury: Locked in treasury contract, and non-circulating; For partnership, future investors, later contributors, reward programs

  • 20% Founding team: Locked with a 3-month cliff, vests with emission schedule

  • 6% Angel Investors and Ecosystem Partners: Locked with a 3-month cliff, vests with emission schedule

Here are more details you should know about the OLO token.

Fair Launch:

OLO is a fair launch token. There are no pre-minted allocations of the OLO token.

One of the main goals for Oolong since the beginning is to launch the OLO in a fair way to all participants of the Oolong ecosystem, we’ve decided that all tokens will be distributed according to the same emission schedule(please refer to the emission schedule section below). That means the team funds and treasury funds are distributed at the same pace as our LP farms.

This also means that if OolongSwap were to raise investor funds in the future, these investors would also receive tokens based on the same emission schedule as the community, and not receive pre-minted tokens.

Oolong Governance

  • OLO token holders will have governance rights to protocol parameters in OolongSwap.

Emission Schedule

OLO follows a decaying emission schedule that infinitely approaches the 10 billion hard cap.

The total emission amount for any given month is calculated using the following formula:

X * (1-Y)^M


X = initial monthly emission

Y = monthly reduction rate

M = month of emission

The initial parameters for OLO emission are:

  • X = 560,000,000

  • Y = 5.6%

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