Multea Farm

To users:

What if you can
  • Provide liquidity to one LP pair on Oolong, and earn TWO different reward tokens at the same time? Farming capital efficiency 🆙🆙🆙
  • Hold new tokens without worrying about new projects’ liquidity getting rug pulled because you are backed by Oolong PCV?

To projects:

What if you can
  • Launch a new project on the biggest DEX in the sweetest L2 chain, aka Boba Network, and instantly gain traction in the community and bootstrap your own liquidity?
  • Not worry about users withdrawing their liquidity because you are backed by Oolong PCV?
This is the definition of best of both worlds and sounds too good to be true — Oolong Multea Farm, where users get double farming incentives and where new projects meet the Boba community and bootstrap adoption!

How Does It Work:

👨‍💻For Project:
Any project on Boba Network can reach out to us and propose to join Multea Farm. If approved, the project team will need to take a small percentage of their tokens and allocate them to Oolong Multea Farm. Project can voluntarily choose if they would like to put a portion of the allocated token to Oolong PCV (this is optional but highly encouraged!!), and if so, what percentage of the allocated tokens they’d like to put in Oolong PCV. Oolong will take the allocated tokens in the PCV and add it to the specific project’s liquidity pool and thus securing a certain level of liquidity that is not removable by anyone. Immortal liquidity!
If project choose to not participate in Oolong PCV, then all of the allocated tokens will be used as double farming incentives in Multea Farm.
🧑‍🌾For users:
Simply provide liquidity and stake your LP tokens to earn two different reward tokens at the same time! Farming time!

What Are The Requirments:

Initially, before the Oolong governance launches, Multea Farm projects will be decided by the team (don’t be shy, reach out to us!)
After the governance launches, there are 2 ways that a project will be able to launch Multea Farm on Oolong:
  • Oolong team will select the projects
  • The community will be able to add new projects to Oolong Multea Farm by proposing them in DAO governance and projects that passed the community vote will be added to Multea Farm.
Please fill out this form if your project is interested in participating in Oolong Multea Farm: