🌟YOLO Pools

IL free way to earn new tokens

Adding utilities to OLO/YOLO tokens

As we’ve mentioned in the beginning of 2022, one of the main goal for Oolong is to introduce more utilities to OLO/ YOLO and to create incentives for OLO/YOLO hodlers. Previously we have introduced the YOLO staking being an incentive to hodl OLO, now the YOLO Pool will spice things up even more!

We will continue to add more features/products in the future, booooosting up the function of OLO/YOLO tokens!!!

Why projects will want to participate in YOLO Pool?

As Boba’s largest DEX, projects will receive good attention from the Boba community by distributing a small portion of their tokens through Oolong’s YOLO Pool

Projects that participate in the YOLO Pool will also immediately be listed in Oolong’s Community Token List, gaining more exposure in the community!

How does YOLO Pool work?

Stake OLO → get YOLO → stake YOLO → get new tokens→ and all these? IL free!

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