First native DEX on Boba Network
" Hi Oolongans- we are pleased to welcome you to join us here at OolongSwap village, a tea-planting village located in the Boba Network Kingdom. My name is Master Wu Long, Oolong's tea art master and village chief. Let me show you around 🍵"

What Is OolongSwap?

As the liquidity hub of Boba Network, OolongSwap is a DEX that is...well, not satisfied with being just an ordinary, everyday DEX. We don't want to be just another AMM, we want the best of both worlds: safe, smooth while also being fun, revolutionary, and most importantly, irreplaceable! While the journey to this is not easy, we will start with offering the best trading experience, cheapest fees, lowest slippage, and deepest liquidity here in Boba Network🧋
But that’s not it. our vision is to become the gateway between Boba and the rest of DeFi world. We want to help expand the Boba ecosystem by building a DEX that is suitable for all, even those that are newest to DeFi. We want to create a healthy environment for all- help growing other Boba projects while educating users on new DeFi knowledge!
Oolong will not be just anoter DEX, we are building our Ooniverse one sip at a time🐿️ !

What Can You Do Here in OolongSwap?

  • Trade tokens with the best rates on Boba (we have the deepest liquidity + dynamic pair fee)
  • Yield farm the DeFi blue chips and multeafarm the newest Boba projects!
  • Stake your OLO for YOLO auto-compound staking and maximize your OLO yield
  • Purchase discounted OLO and earn high interest through Oolong bonding!
  • Check the progress on the fast-growing Oolong PCV!
  • Check out our roadmap and wait for more surprises from the OolongSwap team
Last modified 2yr ago