Road Map

What have we done and what does the future of OoolongSwap look like?


Swap — swap with the lowest slippage and deepest liquidity on Boba.
Analytics page — find out the most up to date info on every token and Oolong TVL.
Farm — stake your OLP and earn OLO as farming rewards!
YOLO Staking — stake your OLO and get autocompound YOLO!
✅ Bonding — purchase bonds to get discounted OLO tokens and stake them in YOLO to maximize your yield!💥
🔲 UI revamp (farm, pool, dark mode, multi-language support) — Oolong will have its unique UI design! Sneak peeks have been posted in Discord chat!👀
🔲 Concentrated Liquidity & Stableswap — Implement concentrated liquidity swap invariant to enable best trading rate and lowest slippage for swapping highly correlated assets such as stables!⚖️
🔲 Lending and borrowing — imagine if you can lend/borrow not just your OLO but also your YOLO…and of course other major tokens too.😆

BOBA Ecosystem

Multea Farm — users can earn 2 different reward tokens at the same time by staking their OLP tokens; projects can gain exposure and bootstrap adoption in the Boba community! ✅ YOLO Pools — stake your YOLO to earn new projects’ tokens.💰
🔲 Launchpad — new projects can launch their token sale using Oolong launchpad.🪙


✅ Gitbook ✅ Community Bounty Program
🔲 Discord Clans — join a clan, participate in competitions and unlock special whitelist bonus! climb your way up and become a PAID community member🪜
🔲 NFTea — Oolong special NFT collection, clans exclusive 🖼️
🔲 Oolong Shop — wear Oolong merchandise and show your Oolong pride!👕