👨‍🌾Multea Farm Setup

1. Creating the LP pair

2. Send the LP address to the team

  • Wait for the team to add it to the main farm contract and provide you with a pid before proceeding to step 3

3. Deploy the Multea farm contract

  • Call createBonusFarm on the factory contract

    • _rewardToken: Address of the token to be rewarded in the Multea farm

    • _rewardDuration: Duration of the farm in seconds

    • _pid: Reference ID of the Multea farm (received in step 2)

  • Save the deployed BonusFarm contract address

3. Starting the farm

  • Approve the desired reward token amount to the BonusFarm deployed in step 2

  • Call notifyRewardAmount on the BonusFarm, and tokens will be transferred into the contract from msg.sender

  • Rewards will start immediately

  • Rewards will be distributed evenly over rewardDuration on a per second basis

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